Mac 29, 2012

Buffered Earning (s)

When talking about blogging, people will think of making money. Why? Yeaahh, because we can make profit even with writing. Well, that is not my MAIN POINT I want to talk about today. The most important is, HOW DO YOU ATTRACT THE ADVERTISER so that diorang berkenan nak letak iklan dekat blog you. So, be creative people. I know you guys are very creative (macam saya. Erhh?!)

Buffer earning (s) 

3 ulasan:

caliph shuriken berkata...

steady laa bro.. congratz dapat BE ^^

chemay berkata...

tahniah dapat be

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. berkata...

blog baru momoy belum dapat BE lagi
well, baru parking nuff 1 week