Februari 21, 2013

Nuffnang Premiere Screening - Beautiful Creatures

Being a part of Nuffnang's event isn't a thing I've ever been thinking even I've been in this 'world' for almost 4 years! (Yes, Imma loser, pathetic. )

So, jyeahh. How if I took a chance to get to know them slowly, being Mr. Charm, Mr. Smile-All-The-Time and Mr. Friendly. HA--HA. 

Last week, I joined a segment from Nuffnang, which is 'Nuffnang Premiere Screening - Beautiful Creatures'. Actually join sekadar suka-suka sahaja. Tengok aje lah language I kat bawah ni yang tunggang terbalik broken english! Tetap confident, tekan jugak button SEND kat segment tu.

One week later, when having some jajan sambil tengok 'Coyote Ugly' at HBO Channel, one email came in. And tadaaaaa! It said that I got an invitation ticket to Nuffnang Premiere Screening. Haruslah budak first time join segment Nuffnang ni rasa sangat teruja! Terus post dekat Facebook, Twitter, mana lagi nak post, dia post jugak. Konon nak bagi satu dunia tahu yang dia dapat email tu. *Which is 'DAMN PATHETIC' actually. :''(

I think a shirt that I'm wearing is too bigger for me. Not because Imma fatty guy! *bunyi cengkerik*
With Nisa Kay - new friend of mine *glad to know you darla*

Yayy! Budak teruja ni siap dapat batch I love Nuffnang. Maka, haruslah di-post gambar tu ke Instagram, Twitter. *muka masih teruja*

Well, starting dia agak slow but steady. A girl from Ravenwood that trying to be like a normal person but she's not. She is turning 16, and when she becomes to 16, she has to decide which side that she might be in - DARK SIDE or LIGHT SIDE. And at the same time, she's falling in love with an ordinary guy. And...and...and...Why don't you all pergi beratur beli ticket sendiri? Tak surprise la kalau cerita kan? Aherherher.

21st FEBRUARY 2013

Thank you Nuffnang for the tickets. Please invite me more PS after this. ;P

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