Jun 18, 2013

Win Free Ticket to Phuket, Thailand with Save22.com.my !

Have you ever feel when you were already bought your favorite Coach bag, and your Zara's shoes, going back to the next day and seeing the item 50% off (sejak bila Zara & Coach bagi discount 50%? Pentipuu giloz. Khenzz.). And you were like, "WTH man?!" And you starting to curse! Ehem. (cover cun semula.)

You don't have to feel bad! Now, with Save22.com.my , you'll never have to miss the promotion again! Why do I say so? Come closer. No,much closer! Okay. Stay there.

Save22.com.my - a new website that will gives comprehensive pricing, promotions and sales information that is updated daily (DAILY tauu!Kemainn!) in order to cater your shopping needs. The best part is, it shows you all the deals around your current location. How cool is that darl?

Pssttt! Do you guys know, a study has been done! Majority of Malaysians love to shop online? (And I was one of populations. Ehem.) Alaa, salah ke shopping online? It may save your fuel. Itu belum tolak lagi kena tunggu 'Red turn to Green' (traffic light. Jammed. Leulz), bergaduh dengan 'makcik-makcik' sebab berebut bra (matilaaa taste sama dengan orang tua uols?Sedih!), belum tiba nak queue dekat counter, kang tetibe ada orang berlakon sawan sebab nak potong queue. Cliche semua tu.

It's daebak (ohsem! leulz) how Save22.com.my can save your time, save your fuels, and let you check out deals at home before you go to the store. Khenz. Kang dah penat me'mekap' cecantik, tetiba takde SALE.

Just open your new tab and type Save22.com.my (Yes, '.my' is for Malaysia. And we are as Malaysians, should support our new product! 1 Malaysia sangat.) The website will shows you a whole of different categories for all your shopping necessities. How convenient! And I was very excited on this website!

There are a lot of categories of shopping necessities on this website. Just click on whatever you like.

As for example, I'm looking for a new handphone actually. So I click on 'Telecommunication'. And....TADAAAA! Ada PIKOM event until July 15th 2013! You can even search for store details, the address, and the operating hours. Leulz. Too much informations! Ape lagi kau nak? Orang dah tolong ni.NGAHAHAHAA (ketawa puntianak sebab excited.) 

I bet, almost 80% people in Malaysia nowadays have a smartphone, isn't it? You can even check it out on your smartphones! No worries. No harm. And happy shopping!

(...ter-click 'Shopping Malls' pulak. Kbye.)



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