Julai 24, 2013

Attention to all Hijabisters!

Ini bukan entry nak jual tudung Fareeda, tudung Wardina, mahupun tudung sanggul tinggi sebatu. Kejap.. Kejap.. *betulkan sanggul*

"Are you a budding designer looking for a chance to showcase your talents? Or perhaps you are aspiring hijab models hoping to break into the fashion industry?" 

IF your answer is "YES" or "ABSOLUTELY YES!", well you're in luck girls! You dreams might just come true sebab Sunsilk baik hati buat competition which is called, 'Sunsilk Lively Clean and Fresh - Hijabku Gaya Cmpetition' (sila baca dengan 1 nafas! Pheww berpeluh tiakk.) 

This time around, Sunsilk is out to empower Malaysian women (especially Muslims) to realize their dreams and they have collaborated with the Islamic Fashion Festival (IFF) in order to inspire all hijabis to yield limitless possibilities.

 Thus, Sunsilk is seeking for 10 models and 10 designers for the contest to showcase themselves at the end of this year. It's just like Project Runway wannabe tapi version Islamic gittew. Who said all the hijabis just need to stay at home sambil duduk bersimpuh tunggu lelaki masuk meminang? It's not common anymore bebeh.

And because of that, the winners of this competition will receive mentorship from iconic personalities in the fashion industries. Tak letop kau Jemah? Glamour 1 kampung.

So, what are you waiting for girls? Saya tahu anda punya bakat yang bombastic tapi barrier seperti, "...malu lah." atau "...segan lah!", maka saya beri anda link untuk anda submit penyertaan anda semua okay? 

For budding designers, you may visit this link and...
- send a photo of yourself with any Sunsilk Lively Clean and Fresh products (bottle color hijau tu uols)
-Send up till3 HIJAB fashion designs of yourself in the format of JPG, JPEG and PNG.
- Insert your personal details in the field provided
- Click submit to send in your entry
- And I wish you ALL THE BEST OF LUCK!

Betulkan sanggul. KBYE.

"Confident is a must in every person in this world. Without confidence level, you will always be 10 years back."

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