September 19, 2013

Post-Review "The Internship"

Ehem. This is my schedule for this month. Yes, IF you can see it clearly, every week pasti akan ada premiere screening from Nuffnang. Like....every week kot? I didn't noticed about this until last night masa tengah re-schedule, baru I perasan. Anyways, I should say thank you a lot to Nuffnang for this opportunity! I'm honored :')

Since I was fu*king busy lately, I don't have much time to update my blog. Rasa macam bersawang pula. Hergh mengada! 

Last week, (10th Sept) I went to TGV One Utama for #nnpremierescreening "The Internship". I was very excited since I've heard a lot about Google office yang sangat sempoi, nice, colorful and many more lah! Kalau selama ni tengok dari internet sahaja gambar-gambar Google office, but now I can see the environment in this film. 

This story is about two salesmen, Billy McMahon (Vince Vaughn) and Nick Campbell (Owen Wilson) who seeking for employment after being laid off from their positions as watch salesmen. And then Billy applies for internship at Google for the two of them.

Sampai lah berlakunya macam-macam insiden sedih, gembira, dan segala macam. Well, the main issues I want to highlighted in this film is that -  it's all about the friendship after all. Yes. It's on how these 2 crazy-man trying to motivated their team members to work together as a team. The story-line is very good! Not too slow, but steady. And as usual, kalau Owen Wilson berlakon, what do you expect?? Pecah perut nak tergelak tau! This film taught me how to be a motivated person, tambahan pula iols ni baru berjinak-jinak dengan dunia sales marketing ni, ada laa sedikit info yang mereka selitkan yang mungkin berguna pada Adam, dan mungkin juga pada uols semua.

"IF you diberi peluang untuk buat Internship, where it will be? And why you choose that company?"

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