September 22, 2013

Sponsored Post - Escape

Have you ever watched Jackie Chan commercial ads on tv ; named Escape? Alaa yang dia nak check in hotel tu pastu girl reservation tu request for his ID. Pastu siap dia berkungfu segala bagai kat lobby hotel tu. Pernah? Tak pernah? Loser tau korang. Sedih! Meh sini nak cerita.

At the end of the ads, Jackie Chan asking you to join Escape with him. But first and foremost, what is ESCAPE? And why you should ESCAPE with Jackie Chan?
1. You can watch your favorite genre movies such as Hollywood, Bollywood, Indonesian (watak muka kejam mesti kena zoom-in lebih!), local movies and also gadis-gadis gila Korean yang selalu pitam bila nampak Choi Siwon (eh, tercakap dengan cermin pulak. Malu lah.)
2. You can watch all those movies anywhere and everywhere! (even in your toilet! Wow! Pasti berejam duduk dalam toilet pasnih.)
3. There are more than 500 movies for only RM0.80/hour.
4. You may watch your movies on your laptop, tablet, or even your smartphone! Nuff said. Hergh.

So, what you need to do??


First, go to Playstore or iTunes Store and
download ESCAPE Apps on your smartphone. Just search for "ESCnow"

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After that, register yourself via Facebook or via your Celcom number. Oh. FYI, this apps in only applicable for Celcom users ONLY. Sedih kan pengguna lain? Cepat pergi beli number baru sekarang!

And then activate your handphone code. (Celcom will send the notification message, no worries!)


And you're now ready to ESCAPE!! Yayy!

As been mentioned earlier, this app is only applicable for Celcom users only. Ternyata banyak kelebihan kepada pengguna Celcom kan? Well, I was thinking to change my prepaid line into Celcom. Hmphh! Tapi I cukup jealous bila dapat tahu Celcom je boleh guna application ni.

This is an example how does it Escape looks alike. You can buy your fav movies for only RM9! Tak cukup cool ke? Herghh. So next time bila nak enjoy another movie lagi, just simply sign in to this app. Simple. Dop payoh nok enter password banyak kali.

So pasni tak payah laa nak perlu queue panjang untuk beli tiket wayang lagi. With only RM0.80/hour, you can watch all movies available in this app!

For more info, visit for register!


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