November 25, 2013

Dayre App on iOS & Playstore

Hello readers! A past few weeks, I've been tweeting and sharing post on Instagram about Dayre, a new, micro-blogging app which was recently launched in UK. And yeah, this is a new phenomenon in the whole world! 

But wait...What is Dayre?
Dayre is an app that could makes blogging directly from your smartphone (iOS & Android). Simple yet easy. It allows you to update as you go about your day, stickers, quotes, pictures, videos, check-ins and also a videos! In a simple word, it's just like your personal diary in your mobile! Easy. I don't have to 'pening-pening' nak cari which diary yang berkenan di hati. It's such a wasted! Having coffee-break while updating your Dayre, it's fun! It's the perfect companion when you travel, follow a step-by-step recipe, share a hijab tutorials, live-blog event and much more. Naff said!

You can download the app for free to start your own Dayre blog on iOS Apple Store and Samsung Playstore and find you own team on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. You can search and follow the person you liked and get their live updates everyday! Yayy! 

FOLLOW ME on Dayre, just search for Adamhaiqal89. I'll see around!


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