Disember 08, 2013

Lawak Ke Der 3 was Brought To You by ESCAPE

In previous entry regarding on Lawak Ke Der 3 (LKD3), I did mentioned about the sponsor for the event at Istana Budaya - ESCAPE app. 

ESCAPE is an application for your smartphones, which is you are unable to download a movie, share it, and play it! More info, you may read my previous entry about ESCAPE.

And I have a good news for all LKD3 fans and for ESCAPE users. Kini anda semua berpeluang untuk menonton LKD3 secara eksklusif di ESCAPE starting from 31st December 2013 for 6 months! (OMG OMG OMG! Six months lol! Hidup kau penuh dengan bangun tidur, gelak, makan, gelak, pastu tidur. Hergh!

Apart from that, with ESCAPE, you can win RM5,000 cash daily contest for Celcom users only (Since I was told this app is only applicable for Celcom users. Hemm. Hemm.) Like... Seriously man?!


All you need to do is, join their contest "Cuit-cuit Menang Duit @ ESCAPE". How to join this contest? Simple. Starting from Dec 7th until Dec 27th, Celcom users need to watch a Youtube Channel - Cuit-Cuit @ Escape or click this link :

 Click this link everyday and answer 1 super-simple question yang akan dikemukakan oleh pelawak-pelawak LKD3 (It's just like a 'teka-teki'. Hergh. Simple bebenor!). Bila dah yakin jawapan anda adalah paling tuntas, cepat-cepat send jawapan anda ke 20888 (Remember! This contest is only applicable for Celcom users ONLY. Sebarang kerugian for SMS charges aku tak bertanggungjawab tau. Hihi.) For more info, visit Escape website.

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