Februari 17, 2014

Post-Review "Endless Love"

Today (17th February), I went to The Curve to meet my not-soo-new-friend-actually, Azim. Thanks Azim! We decided to watched "Endless Love", since both of us were like 'blur' and have no idea. In summary, I can say that this romantic movie is really amazing!

"ENDLESS LOVE" is about the a privileged girl (Jade Butterfield) and a charismatic boy (David Elliot) whose instant desire sparks a love affair made only more reckless by her dad trying to keep them apart for some reasons. Basically I love the plot of this film. It was simple yet easy to understand.

Well, IF you love a good romance movie, then "ENDLESS LOVE" is your perfect pick movie. Yayy! (Psttt! Ladies, drag your boyfriend into the cinema with you and trick him into seeing it.)

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