Mac 11, 2014

Sponsored Post - LINE Shopping

Siapa di sini pengguna tegar application LINE? YES, LINE Apps yang ada banyak cartoon comel lote tu!

Recently, LINE has been introduced a new deals and campaigns called, LINE Shopping. Wow. Terdengar perkataan 'shopping', jari jemari tiba-tiba terketar-ketar menggigil. But first of all, lemme explain in details, what is LINE Shopping.

LINE Shopping is a great deals exclusively provided by LINE App to their subscribers! YES, it could be you, me, us! As long as you are the subscribers to the LINE Official Account, you are qualified to get these great deals and campaigns! Wowowo...Mesti uols wondering, dari mana datangnya great deals ni semua. Well, for your information, all the promotions are offered by various LINE Shopping Partners. LINE Shopping may consist of items such as gadgets, apparels, accessories, beauty products and the list goes on... (shaking lagi jari iols! Banyak betul diorang offer!)

LINE Shopping provides a various type of campaigns, which are:
RM10 Rock Bottom Deal (Refer: )
Name Your Own Price (Refer: )
More coming soon... (Bawa bersabar! HAHA)

RM10 Rock Bottom Deal
(10 Deals for only 10 ringgits!)

LINE is featuring 10 rock-bottom deals for only 10 bucks! Dik, cuba kau calculate, dunia harini kau boleh beli berapa barang dengan 10 ringgit? Ace kira sekarang. Tak dapekkk 4-5 barang tau! But with LINE Shopping, you can get 10 deals! (Kau nak aku jerit "cool!" macamana lagi?)
But wait a minute. This campaign is not a "scam". Deals are coming directly via LINE Official Account. You don't have to worry about the "scam" things.

All you need to do is just keep updating with LINE Apps all the time to avoid missing out of deals (Instead of updating your status on Facebook at every single of minutes!LOL)

Example of Rock Bottom Deal:
1 of previous deals, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, valued RM999, but you just need to pay for only ten! It's super crazy deals!

For more details of this campaign, do visit:

Here are some other deals by LINE Shopping.

Name Your Own Price

 Sebut pasal "Name Your Own Price", this is just like a bid. You put your own price on the selected products. But remember, when you key-in the figure that you are gonna to bid, do not include symbol "RM", just put the numbers and decimal up to 2digits only. Instead of kita selalu bid macam "RM12.50 sekati!" You will be disqualified. Why? Because you put the symbol "RM". Is that clear my darling?
All the products are exclusive. As you can see on above, Navin Sharma just win a Microsoft Surface for only RM16.95!! But again, please bear in your mind, do not put the symbol "RM" when bidding. And only 1 figure will be considered. More than 1 figure will be disqualified.

For more info you may visit
"Name Your Own Price" 


And by the way, there are three methods on how you can shopping with LINE!

METHOD 1: Browse through the "Official Accounts" list 

METHOD 2: Tap "ADD FRIENDS" button in LINE Apps and key in ID: @lineshoppingmy

METHOD 3: You just need to scan using QR Code (malas tahap cipan! LOL)

What are you waiting for?? Subscribes to LINE App now and get your super duper big deals!!

-This is a sponsored post by Nuffnang and LINE-

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