November 12, 2014

ZALORA Marketplace

Assalamualaikum. Hello. Hi. Annyeong.
It was almost 7 months since I wrote my previous entry. I feel awkward to start to write. Terfikir ada ke yang sudi menjengah ke blog 'sendu' ni? Oh bytheway nak ucapkan so many thank you for y'all out there yang sudi skodeng dan terjah ke blog ni.

Alkisahnya nak share dengan reader semua tentang ZALORA Marketplace.
Well, I think it was toooooooooooo lame to update about this event, since this event was held a month ago. But...Who cares? HAHA.

I was cordially invited by Stacy Hui, Zalora's PR Executive, to attend on ZALORA Marketplace launching event in Paradigm Mall, PJ.
Yes, by now, you've probably heard about ZALORA Marketplace - the coolest fashion community evahh (like evaahhh!) in town. Oh?? You didn't heard yet? Then come closer. Closer.. More closer.. Closer...Okay stop! Seriously guys?! You want to enter into your PC huh?!

Lemme share with you a bit about it and as for the rest of you, consider this as a refresher.

ZALORA Marketplace is a medium that specially set up to help emerging businesses such as blogshops, boutiques, and upcoming designers to showcase their designs and products to public. You own a blogshop? You own your own business? Yes, ZALORA Marketplace is about shining a light on independent local designers and brands. Cool enough huh?

In conjunction with the launch of ZALORA Marketplace, ZALORA hosted a Fashion Festival at Paradigm Mall to celebrate local fashion, designers, musics, and of course, our colorful culture!

Models wearing pieces by merchants from ZALORA Marketplace.

One of the blogshops - PAKU.

Recently, ZALORA has unveiled an exclusive new collection during a private showcase event at Black Box MAP, Publika (which I tend to forgot to attend. LOL! Rugi rugi!!) This time, ZALORA collaborated with PRIDE collection by Jovian Mandagie. K, makan hati terlupa pergi.

"One thing I love about ZALORA is that, price range dia is very reasonable and worth to buy. I said this based from my prev experienced shopping with ZALORA..."

Nothing much to say. Just drop by to their homepage for more info. Starts spreading your businesses with ZALORA now!


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